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Having 10+ Years of experience as a Consultant Psychiatrist.
Children Psychiatry Problems

Autism – behavioral: Inappropriate social interaction, Poor eye contact, self-harm…
ADHD -behavioral: Aggression, fidgeting, hyperactivity, impulsivity, anxiety…
Therapies -Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Special Education, and speech therapy

Doctor is very understanding and listen to my concerns. He has given me a free visit when I complained about my sleeping problems the best thing of him is when I come and discuss about my disorders repeatedly he never hesistate. He also responds to the calls where others were least bothered. I will recommend him

sreekanth kadali

I am suffering from excessive fears and worries and excessive feeling of guilt. And extreme mood changes , withdrawal with friends and activities, then I met dr. Vikram sir and taken treatment , he examined my feelings and worries and told me that I am not a diseased person or a mental one., he just said me that I am stucked in my life that’s it

Naga prasad

Dr. vikram sir is the best doctor in Hyderabad ,, he gave me a confidence to lead my life better means he gave my confidence back .. a month ago I was very skeptic about pursuing my further studies due to low and assured me to go forward and also assured he will work on me and I will have full confidence when I leave .he is a really good counselor highly recommend to all…

Shivaji Raju

Caring for Your Mental Health

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